Uphold CredEarn - Can it show up in CoinTracker?

Aloha! First time in the community here. I’ve been a CoinTracker user for a few years now and love it. Recently, I decided to deposit some crypto in Uphold’s CredEarn program, where I am able to earn interest on the deposited crypto. I’ve linked my Uphold exchange with CoinTracker, but once Uphold deposited the crypto into their CredEarn program, my deposited crypto disappeared from my CoinTracker portfolio. On the CredEarn dashboard, I’m able to see that my crypto is deposited there and earning the interest I wanted, but I can’t find a Wallet address or anything to attach to CoinTracker to track the deposited crypto. I hope my inquiry makes sense. Any guidance on how to maintain the tracking of my crypto that’s deposited in CredEarn?


Welcome and thanks for the kind words! This is the first I’m hearing of this program so let me check it out and see. Do you know if the CredEarn program has any APIs or CSv exports available?

In the meantime, as a last resort, you can always add these transactions manually.

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Thanks for looking! I don’t know if they have any APIs or CSV exports available, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. Thanks again!

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