Urgent help needed

I think I have been scammed. I invested with a Bitcoin Trader (supposedly) last year, and he disappeared until this week. He reappeared and asked me to open a cointracker account, and he transferred monies over. Then wanted me to send him 6K for the LIEN TAX. Of course I did not. Sounds like a fraud to me all over again! Can some please help me to understand what he has done? I am so scared right now!

Sounds like a scam. Do not send any more money.

@sarah66 have you had a reply to your issue?

Last year I invested with a Bitcoin Trader too. My agent set up CoinTracker for me and supposedly transferred my funds to my CoinTracker account. I then received an email using a gmail address advising me that as I had a Beginner’s account I therefore needed to pay $3500 into my own account in order to make withdrawals.

I don’t understand why I need to pay to my own account in order to withdraw bitcoin from it. Coming from a gmail address also gave me red flags. I’ve been researching on google and YouTube and it doesn’t seem that anyone else has had to pay to access their own account. None of this makes sense to me.

Can anyone help us?