US Expat in Canada can't get required IRS forms converted to USD from trading in CAD?

Has anyone here ever dealt with this? I’m a US citizen living in Canada, I bought/exchanged/sold in CAD in 2021. I’m required to file taxes to both Canada AND the IRS, after converting income and crypto to USD. I was able to get my tax forms for filing crypto to Canada no problem from Cointracker. But I can’t get a form converting those figures to USD to file to the IRS.

I’ve tried changing my currency/account to USD, which provides a “IRS” section for me to download forms–but the section only provides 1 Canadian tax form that can’t be used. Have contacted support 3 times. Nothing back.

US Tax preparer says they can’t file my taxes without the information, that they can’t use my CAD form and convert from there, it’s a form Cointracker HAS to provide, and my filing extension is running out. I’m legally required to do this, but I can’t figure out what to do? Do I need a tax lawyer at this point? I don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS due to Cointracker lacking support.