USDC Loan Repayment Entry

How should USDC loan repayments be entered into Cointracker?

I have tried following the instructions on this old post here from Chandan [ Loans/Borrowing in Cointracker - #2 by Chandan ], but the USDC balance is incorrect after following instructions.

More specifically, if you mark a USDC loan repayment as a non taxable “transfer” as advised by Chandan, the transaction shows up under “Other Transactions” and my USDC balance does not decrease by the loan repayment amount.

Should the USDC loan repayment be categorized as a payment instead? When the loan repayment is marked as a payment, my ending USDC balance is correct, but my USDC also shows a -99% all time unrealized return on the Dashboard page…

Also, should the repayment entry be split into two separate entries (original loan amount repaid and interest repaid)?

Thanks for any help.