USDT is incorrectly showing a 17% loss

Hi there

I use USDT to transfer from one exchange to another.

My workflow is:

Step 1: Buy AUD to Exchange1 (BTCMarkets) and buy USDT on Exchange1
Step 2: Transfer from Exchange1 (BTCMarkets) USDT wallet to Exchange2 (Binance) USDT wallet
Step 3: Trade Exchange2 (Binance) USDT to an altcoin on Exchange2 (Binance)


Can anyone please help me understand why USDT (Tether) in Cointracker is showing an all-time USDT total return of -17%?

I don’t ‘invest’ in USDT, as I said above, it’s purely to transfer between the two exchanges. At most I am holding it for about 20 minutes.

The “6,608.06 AUD per USDT” is obviously wrong too.

Any tips?


To my eye, the transactions look okay. It’s showing as A$1.32 per USDT and are coming up as Buy, Transfers and Trades.