USDT to AUD value is incorrect

Just wondering from where is this value being taken as it is wrong and showing more in AUD then one can possibly get from anywhere for their USDT.

Yup, the USD to CAD values are also very off, to the point where many of my coins are off by thousands of dollars.

Lots of local fiat currency values are just completely wrong. No idea what’s going on. It’s screwing up my taxes. I might have to switch to a different tracker if this doesn’t get fixed soon.

@Chandan please respond, local currency values are seriously screwing up our capital gains, it’s reporting more value and capital gains in my portfolio than I actually have.

Currencies such as CAD and AUD are not correct with the USD rate. Please tell us the progress on this or if any has been done. It’s been like this for months.

This is incredibly frustrating and I’m considering moving to another tracking platform, it’s causing that much stress.

You can feel free to merge my post regarding CAD’s incorrect prices as well: USD/CAD price is incredibly incorrect