USDT-->UOS "All time total return" is way off

I have purchased UOS twice using USDT. The purchases had an average cost basis of $1.11 per UOS (this is accurately displayed). The token has now appreciated in value, having a market price of $1.32 per UOS (this is also accurately displayed). This implies a return of $1.32 / $1.11 = +18.7%, NOT the listed return of +0.63%. The absolute quantities of the return also do not match: should be $244.39, but shows as $9.84.

I think what’s going on is CoinTracker is performing the calculation by taking the “Net deposits” as a starting point rather than the “Cost basis”, which would be fine except that the Net deposits are wrong. It shows them being $1556.83, whereas looking at the transaction history the actual amount is clearly supposed to be $1,320.08, hundreds of dollars less.

So I guess this bug boils down to the broken “Net deposits” tracking? Either way, this is about as basic as it gets (two transactions using the same coins on the same exchange), so it’s unacceptable for it to be so broken.