USDT, YouHodler, Binance

Hi, i have a Binance Exchange acc here setup via api to auto sync,
recently added a YouHodler Wallet with various different transactions…

After Sync all wallets / Exchanges, Binance shows 2 USDT Sends but does not mark them as going to YouHodler (USDT) Wallet.

If I manually edit the 2 in >Transactions>Binance >USDT to point towards YouHodler USDT wallet, but then it make 2 duplicate transactions Disables the original 2

i dont have an option to delete them, only re-enable…

if i then goto the YouHodler Wallet i get a negative balance in USDT
(I`ll link this in the reply, 1 pic upload new users))


if i go into the YouHodler > USDT Wallet it shows no negative values ??

Can i forget the 2 transactions under Binanace that get Disabled, since no option to delete them??

Hi @DarrenJ1,

It looks like you’ve done everything correctly here. Could you please message us at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Yeah, feel free to take a look

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Great, we’ll respond to your note

Hi, after messing up that wallet, i removed it, re-added and seems ok now.
what i did was

added a OMNI wallet, (only way i can seem to add a USDT wallet) and then re-imported all transactions for YouHodler.
Good news is now that I`m not getting the same negative balance on USDT…

couple of questions though:
1: I only just noticed most times are all UTC (since mostly my exchanges are Auto-Synced), all of the records I have for YouHodler are in GMT+1, Theres a mismatch on times on any transaction like BTC, USDT, LTC (where theres a Block txn) but i have put in all times as is i dont know how much difference between UTC?


Hi @DarrenJ1,

Glad to hear that you managed to figure this out. Re: time zones — we are going to work on improving this in an automated way. In the meantime, for all intents and purposes, GMT+1 is the same as UTC+1 so you could just add one hour to the timestamps if you want to ensure that they are localized to your time zone.

…maybe just a dropdown option if editing a transaction, >> select appropriate timezone, or have support for a timezone Column in the CSV import function and let cointracker do its thing internally…

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