Validation Failed

Was able to construct the Transaction file but when I dropped it into my online Turbo Tax it said:

Validation Failed

I went to the blog and Forum and found the instructions which said if I had problems with the transaction file that I needed to download my TurboTax file from “CoinTracker’s Tax Page”.

I can’t find : “Cointractor’s Tax Page”

Please tell me how to locate it.

BTW, is there a search window to allow me to browse Forum subjects by a key word like “Validation Failed”



Hi @Driller - you can access your CoinTracker Tax Page here or by clicking on the “Tax Center” option in your Tax Dropdown (shown below)

Also, you can always search forum topics by using the magnifying lens at the top right of your page


Thank you, you have been most helpful. GOD sent really.

I was at my wits end as to how I was going to enter the five pages of crypto transactions after Turbot Tax rejected the transaction file with the words “Validation Failed”.

Within 22 minutes of you sending this info, I have competed my tax return and ready to push the button to file. I just want to review the whole thing first.

Thank you for your immense help,


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