Values on 2021 Tax dashboard differ than values provided on 2021 tax forms

The 2021 short term capital gains values shown on my 2021 Taxes page differ than the values I received when I generated Form 8949.

On my 2021 Taxes page I see short term capital gains = -$86,201.35 and long term = $90,120.32.

When I generate Form 8949 I see:
“In 2021, your total crypto activity was:
$90,120.32 in long term capital gains, $(78,682.95) in short term capital gains” resulting in a -$7,518.40 difference.

Would someone please have a look? I’ve had a pending support ticket for this issue for 8 days now and no response…

Would someone from Cointracker please address this issue?

The support is pretty much non-existent here. I had a similar issue and had to go through all of my 2020 transactions - turns out Cointracker is now treating NFTs differently which results in cost basis that’s off vs. my tax forms.

Thanks for the tip. I did use the custom currency tool to account for the purchase and sale of an NFT in my portfolio. Maybe that’s where the discrepancy lies. In either case, hopefully someone at Cointracker can have a look.

I already have done my Taxes on a spreadsheet, but decided to look in to use the cointracker to see how they do the Form 8949 and I notice that there is a problem with their calculation
The column (e) Cost basis is calculated correctly meaning Cost + fees
The column (d) the proceeds are calculated incorrectly as follow Proceed + fees
The issue is that Proceed should be substracted from fee not added
I am using coinbase only at this time and not sure if it is an issue between coinbase pro and cointracker data pulling or they have same issue with other exchanges
I have open a ticket with them for a week now and had received no response
Makes me wondering for my future tax reporting if I should use them :frowning:

Looks like the 2021 tax dashboard bug has been resolved. Unfortunately, I made end of year trades based on incorrect values. I would have tax loss harvested an additional $7.5k had the dashboard values been correct.

I’m having the exact same issue now and it’s still ongoing for me. The report loss on my generated tax forms does not match the one displayed on the web dashboard

This is what worked for me. Calculate the difference between the dashboard display and the generated tax forms. Now search for that value within the tax forms and you’ll probably find the transaction that the dashboard is not pulling. In my case, the generated tax forms were correct so if you cannot find the issue just default to the values provided in the tax forms.