VET sent to EHT wallet fix

Ok, I sent VET to my Ledger S ETH wallet which doesn’t work after late June. I was told by the simpleswap exchange support after they researched how to do it. I can export the EHT that is somewhere in my ETH wallet on my Ledger S then import the VET to a VET wallet online. I will need to get the Keystore File for the ETH wallet to import to the Vet wallet. To do it I have to use a Mnemonic Code Converter that converts my 24 word phrase & pass code into a private key.
The problem I have: I read the instructions here

which seems relatively easy. LOL Then when I go to the Mnemonic Code Converter I am lost again… Each line has different terms that I do not recognise so I dont know how to fill it out to get the private key made? Here is the Mnemonic Code Converter

What do I enter on each of these lines?
#1 BIP39 Mnemonic

#2 BIP39 Split Mnemonic

#3 BIP39 Passphrase (optional)

#4 BIP39 Seed

#5 BIP32 Root Key

Then do I even use the Derivative Path section? If so same thing how to fill it out?

Given that assets are at play here on Ledger, I would highly recommend reaching out to their support directly to ensure that the funds are recovered (if possible).