VET Wallet not syncing

I created a Vet wallet using the Wallet address but it does not update. Additionally, I added a manual transaction but that transaction does not show up in the wallet totals.


Same problem for me.

Same. Initiated a withdrawal from Exchange to VeChain Sync wallet.
Cointracker able to add VET wallet with zero balance and transactions only shows one-way Send from Exchance Vet Wallet.

Same problem here with my Wallet. I can’t even manually up the transaction adjust it. CoinTracker won’t recalculation the VET balance match my manual adjustment. This is a problem with VET wallet and not with VET balance held in exchange.

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Exactly the same problem.
VET wallet is not syncing (mot completely, only one transaction)
I can add manual, but these changes are not showing in balance… PLEASE FIX

Same. No response via email or Twitter

Same, any update on this please?

Got a response on Twitter. Just a “what seems to be n issue.”. …so a bump it is

@Chandan any update?

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