Voyager account


I have a Voyager account and received BTC for opening it. I’ve since transferred it to another exchange. Looking for how to enter these transactions into CoinTracker.

Hi @Keyser,

We are working on a direct Voyager integration. In the meantime, you can still use our CSV import for these transactions (or manual entry).

Ok, so I imported the BTC as payment. I received it for opening a Voyager account. I marked it as payment, but want to check if I should mark it as something different.


@Keyser: Yes, receiving the BTC for opening the account would be a payment — you got it right.

Hi there. When I attempt to import my history via the csv file from my Voyager account, I get an error that the account format is incorrect. Any idea on how I can make this work?
Here is the error I get: Failed to parse CSV. The CSV does not have the right headers in the first row. Headers should be Date, Received Quantity, Currency, Sent Quantity, Currency, Fee Amount, Fee Currency, Tag.

Hi @fireguy,

Could you please confirm that the CSV that you uploaded follows our generic CSV format?

Hi there. The original CSV that Voyager sent was a different format, but they sent me a new one in a format that worked. Thank you.

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