Voyager.csv failing to import

I removed the wallet by accident and each time I go to upload the .csv I get a failure to parse/import. I’ve tried with their spreadsheet and even went through the hassle of migrating that info to the Cointrackers template just to have it fail more.

Whats up?

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Fill out the voyager request form (Voyager) and make sure to choose CoinTracker format on page 2.

What part of that answer will fix my issue? Appreciate the try though.

The part where you choose the correct export format like I told you instead of choosing to go through any kind of hassle of migrating anything like you’ve been failing at.

Lets try this again.

I have the file from Voyager. It wont upload. I went through the hassle of copy/pasting to the generic .CSV file and it wont upload. I appreciate the willingness to help, but again how does asking Voyager for my transactions (which I already have and has failed to upload) going to fix this issue?

Because it sounds like the file you got from Voyager is in the wrong format. It is way easier to ask them to send you the file again, in the correct format, than it is to do any manual manipulation to what they sent earlier.

The link I provided in my first message is their request form. On page 2 of filling that out, it asks what format you want the file to be in. Assuming you’re trying to import the file to CoinTracker, just choose the CoinTracker output format. When they send your transactions in the CoinTracker format, it’ll load just fine.