VTHO current price incorrect in Portfolio / Performance & Dashboard

The current price of my VTHO on both the Dashboard and in the Portfolio / Performance is not correct (note it’s been stuck at an old price since I added it to my portfolio). If I click on VTHO it DOES indeed bring up the current trading price. An old incorrect price is displayed on my Dashboard and in Portfolio Performance so my portfolio values and return calculations are incorrect.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


I am seeing the wrong price as well.

In the Dashboard and Performance sections the price is way off. In both places the price shows as 0.0004 and never changes as far as I can tell.

The solution that is explained in the post above is not working for me. The Dashboard and Performance sections both still show the wrong token logo and display the wrong price.

In my screenshot you can see that the incorrect logo transaction shows as disabled and the lightning bolt logo version is from me manually selecting the correct iteration of the coin.

Thanks for flagging — we’re tracking this issue here and we’ll let you know once we have an update there.

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Did this issue ever get fixed? I have written numerous times and still not solution. Same thing goes for Nano now labeled XNO by binance.us

Several months now and no answer. I have been paying for a year and paid for tax plan but can not get any solutions to these easy errors

The solution stated above did work for me. In my case the issue was resolved.