Wallet balance and Dashboard Balance different

I went to print out tax forms today and noticed that I had capital gains when I didn’t sell any crypto last year. I did some research on your website and it appears that the gains were triggered when I moved my Coinbase Pro balance to my Ledger cold wallet. The instructions indicated to list those as transfers, so I made that change.

After making those transfer changes, the amount of Bitcoin I hold on the dashboard jumped and is now reporting as more than I actually hold. My actual Ledger wallet balance is accurate, so I’m not sure where the additional Bitcoin is coming from as the only transactions I touched were changing a few sends to transfers. Now the 8949 is showing me with a loss for last year, which isn’t accurate.

I did not sell any crypto in 2021, I only added more. The only other moves I made was transferring from Coinbase Pro after purchasing to my hardware wallet.