Wallet deactivation

Is there any way to change a wallet to disable its transactions from being shown?

I suppose this is more of a feature request:

Due to the import from several exchanges not being handled accurately, such as margin trades on BitMEX, users should be able to specify that transactions should be ignored in bulk.

Currently I can ignore transactions individually, or remove the exchange/wallet entirely. However, I have already done a lot of editing to fix transactions, but it’s not enough to clean things up for my taxes. I don’t want to lose that work, but I also don’t want to show these transactions on my taxes (yet). I’ll resubmit in the future when the bugs get worked out.

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Hi @sforman52,

We are working on update BitMEX margin. In the meantime you can bulk ignore transactions one page at a time with the new bulk edit functionality on the transactions page. For example, you can select multiple transactions and then apply a single common action to them.

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This is great, but I ran into a problem. On the first page of transactions, I selected all, but it says “no operations available”. The second and 3rd pages, I was able to ignore as expected.


I had this happen on another wallet on page 2, and figured out why. If the page of transactions has any already ignored, you can’t do anything unless you unselect the already ignored transactions, then you can ignore the rest.

The transactions already ignored were that way because they were replaced with manual transactions to complete both sides of the transaction. The original was ignored, since it could not be deleted.

Hi @sforman52,

Thanks for flagging this. We will work on adding the option to filter NOT ignored transactions to make this easier in the future.