Wallet transactions error

I added my public address from my blockfi account and it shows 4 transactions but I only should have 2. it also doesn’t show my balance correctly or at all for that matter. It shows zero. I tried ignoring the 2 incorrect transactions but still nothing.

Hi @leeman1012,

Unfortunately BlockFi’s address are not unique to you so the only choice is to use the CSV upload for now. BlockFi also just changed their CSV format so we’re working on updating it and we’ll let you know as soon as it is ready.

Hi @leeman1012,

This should be resolved on the BlockFi CSV upload page.

I just tried uploading my blockfi csv and it didn’t work. Can you please advise on best steps.

Hi @srg123cohen,

Just to confirm, did you follow the steps on the add BlockFi page with a fresh CSV from support@blockfi.com (not downloaded from the website)? If so, could you please email the CSV to feedback [at] cointracker.io?

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Blockfi sent me the csv but I haven’t had tome to add it or follow through on the steps you provided yet. I was planning on doing it this weekend. Thanks for following up. I will get back to you once i try to go through the steps

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Hey, it worked for me just fine and fixed a lot of the issues I was having with my wallets.

Chandan, what should we be labeling the transactions for interest that come from BlockFi? A payment or staked? I was doing staked, but the default is payment once I uploaded, so wasn’t sure.


Hi @ebound,

Either works — we default to payment for consistency.