Wallets/Exchanges not syncing, or not correct

This has been working flawlessly for a few months now. However not the amounts are not syncing properly.

What I’m showing in dashboard and wallet page are different. The amounts are different than what is actually in my wallet. And when I press ‘sync’ nothing happens.

Should I just wait longer? Not sure what the issue is since it worked fine for so long.

Hi there,

Please could you contact us via Intercom (the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner) on cointracker.io
Please log into your account and then hit that button so we can see what’s up.

I may be blind, but Id o don;t see that chat bubble anywhere on the bottom right of the main dashboard page.



Could you please confirm that your wallets are synced (by pressing the “Sync Wallets” button at the top of the wallets page) and that you don’t have any manual transactions in “Other Transactions” that are leading to the discrepancy?

some of my wallets never uploaded to Cointracker from Exodus

That looks like what it must have been. I have a manual transaction, but it is also pulling from my wallet.

What is the proper way to input those kind of transactions so that it doesn’t double load, if I say by some ETH local in cash? Do I log the transaction? Manually change my cost basis?

Thanks for your help

When i upload my CSV from Exodus to Cointracker it missed a lot of my holdings like Ravencoin. Can you let me know why? I Re-uploaded just now and still its not picking up some holdings

Hi @DK,

Just to confirm, did you use the Safe report upload? If so, it should have automatically uploaded all the chains that we support. Could you message us at feedback [at] cointracker.io with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account for all the chains that it didn’t correctly upload?

Sorry to clarify did you use the Safe report upload via Exodus? Once you have done that, if there are chains that are not supported, it will let you know and you can add those transactions via CSV upload or manual entry.

The email you listed to give you feedback does not work

We will email you instead