What did I pay for?

On 04/03/20 I paid $19 to sign up for a monthly subscription to the Hobbyist plan. I looked at my bank account to confirm this. Today I look at the plan page and I am surprised to find that it says I am currently using the Free Plan. When I paid the $19 I thought I was signing up for a plan, I thought I was getting something. It seems that you guys have changed your pricing… but when was I going to be notified that you have my $19 and for nothing? I am not pleased by this and unless I get my money back and a good explanation you have lost a potentially long term customer.


Hi John,

Apologies for the confusion we caused here. CoinTracker offers two products:

Are you primarily looking for help with tax filing, portfolio tracking, or both? Based on your description above it sounds like you are subscribed to our monthly crypto portfolio assistant (and do not have an annual tax plan).

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