What is OPV Signal Fee


I suspect I might be a victim of a scam. Can someone explain what an OPV Signal Fee is? Also, would Cointracker ever collect a signal fee?


Hi @Mobes61 - Please DM me so that I can help with this. I’m not familiar with an OPV signal fee so please be cautious with any party you are speaking to who doesn’t have an email address ending in ‘@cointracker.io

In the meantime, please take a moment to read this blog post and this support article as they outline some of our security practices and include scam awareness information.

Hi. How do I dm you??

khalid-ct. How do i DM you? I don’t see that option.

@Mobes61 I DM’d you. You should see a notification in the menu at the top-right of the page. Feel free to reply there.

Thank you!