What is the point of using CoinTracker?

I am having issues with CSV files from Nexo to Cointracker. I have paid for the service and yet Cointracker cannot do the most basic stuff, like upload CSV files from Nexo correctly. What is the point of paying for Cointracker when they do not make it easier? I emailed you guys, no one got back with me. I tried everything to solve the issue, but no sucess. Most people do not have a background in coding and PC tech stuff, so when they pay to use a tax software service they are doing so to make their lives easier. Now I am rushing to figure out what to do because your guys lack of support for NEXO is screwing me up on finishing my crypto taxes. It’s insane. Your software doesn’t do what it claims to do.


Having the exact same issue as you. This issue also existed last year and I had hoped they would have fixed it seeing as it’s a pretty trivial error on their side.