What is the refund policy?

We stand by CoinTracker’s product, and though there are some limitations, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied.

Annual Tax Plans

100% money-back within 30 days of your purchase . To claim your refund, please email your purchase receipt to feedback [at] cointracker.io with:

  • Your CoinTracker email
  • Your request for refund
  • Why CoinTracker didn’t work for you (so we can work on improving the product)

Monthly Portfolio Assistance Subscriptions

Cancel or change your subscription any time from the portfolio assistance page. You will still have access to your portfolio plan until the end of the most recently billed month and you will no longer be billed for any future months.

I am not happy, i would like to request, cancel

Hi @Joseph,

Sorry to hear that we didn’t meet your expectations. Please email feedback [at] cointracker.io with your cancelation request.

Allow me to try this…and if i can somehow get this localbitcoin thing to work…i would be more than willing to pay for this service…i just need help with this data movement…

Allow me several days to go over this., and if i can get this done or ya can get it done…then that is what i want…i just want results no hassels…and i believe it can be done…, give me til weds…i am traveling and i dont have time to figure out exactly what i need from localbitcoin…or manually do it…, i spent 1/2 day trying to figure that out once i got your program…and, all i want is something i can give the irs for the bitcoins i had , i dont want problems…and this is why i initially liked your program, if we can just get what i need to get done, then that is perfect for my needs…


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Hi @Joseph,

Sounds good — we’d like to help you get this working!