Where is Customer Support

I am having a problem with customer support not returning emails. It’s been over 6 months with 3 different issues and no response. This is absolutely unacceptable. How can a company sell a product with no support and retain customers. I’ll have to go somewhere else very soon if this doesn’t change. What is the best way to receive support?


Wow. I know they completely disappeared right around the US tax deadline. Then they recently sent a note apologizing and saying they’re committed and whatnot. I didn’t realize that this is still mostly a ghost ship.

Yeah, I’m going to call my bank and dispute their monthly charges as bogus for not providing all the services in the subscription. Email customer support is supposed to be included and they are not delivering. I really feel that us that are paying customers need to fight back. This is unacceptable and they need to pay for it. They really need to shut their site down and quit stealing people’s money.


I tried fighting back for months. I was posting a lot in the forums. I even made a post asking about alternatives. They had the audacity to delete it after a week or two, yet not address the real issues here about their customer service.

I’m just going to call my bank and dispute the charge. Tell them that I paid for a product and service and didn’t get everything I paid for. Should not be a big deal.


We are here, working hard to respond to as many tickets as humanly possible while scaling our team as quickly as possible to better meet demand. I am very sorry for the frustrating delays, we really are working hard to make this better. I did find your tickets and respond to them through the support channel, which remains the best was to get a hold of us.

It has been over 2 weeks and 3 emails and still no response to my problems.

Me2. I have a super obvious bug on my dashboard, am paying customer and the support simply does not reply. -.-

Grateful for this post. I have not yet purchased a plan with CoinTracker as I wanted to verify it works.
Unfortunately, I’m having a different problem that’s got me thinking I should look elsewhere for tax software, particularly after reading this post. This may have just pushed me in that direction.

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It’s certainly frustrating, for DIY complicated crypto taxes CT is decent, I’m too far in to switch to another service. I’ve tried, even Taxbit couldn’t get my 5 years of data together in an orderly fashion that makes sense so I didn’t switch. Had to use my brain for a lot of this coin tracker stuff. There is a learning curve and you gotta stay on top of what transactions get pulled via API and what has to be manually imported. I hope more DEFI and NFT support is in the works. I switched to Cointracker.io after 2 years of Cointracking.info being too damn complicated, been with Cointracker since. I hope they get it together eventually, maybe they will if we ever get a a bear market like 2018 again.

I first had an account with you guys back in April. Emailed support, it was ignored for a solid 2 months. I got the same excuse: we’re so busy, we’re scaling, blah blah blah. Apparently not scaling fast enough if 6 months later people are still making the same complaints! Sad.

Hi, Taylor. It would be prudent to share with the members and community about the details of your plan to scale up the Support, including the activities, timeframes and Service Level Agreement. This will help the members and community to regain confidence in your product and services. Either a post on Cointracker or an email would suffice. Is this something that can done?

Thank you!

This app is a joke. Nothing is correct. Its straight rip off scam with no customer support. Cost basis for stable coin @ $1 is 2 cents. cost basis for BTC is 2.5 milllion. absolute scam

i need help with a bug/ error issue, would support please respond…