Where to get the detail info that supports IRS form 8949

Cointracker is not transferring some of my purchase transactions at the correct amount. Which raises the question, is the 8949 correct? Where can I find the detail that shows the coin inventory and detail that supports the numbers on the 8949? Is there a report that we can print somewhere to make calculations by hand to make sure the 8949 is correct?

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Happy to help! Your 8949 is produced from your transaction history. Your transaction history is the cumulation of the wallets, exchanges and manual transactions you have added to CoinTracker.

If your transaction history is incorrect in some capacity, whether that’s because CoinTracker hasn’t been provided all of the appropriate transactions or a transaction isn’t fully supported, it’s possible your 8949 isn’t correct.

The most common reason we see issues with tax documents we produce is missing transactions - for example, not connecting all of your wallets or exchanges.

If you’d like help diving into a transaction you think is inaccurate, give us a shout here so we can dive in.

Thank you kindly Thomas!

The transactions seem to be there, but there are xrp transactions that were $500 and Cointracker is showing some less than $500 and even some more than $500🤔. I am not sure of how your system handles the api, but your data has the wrong time for the transaction and the wrong cost basis amount and that ABSOLUTELY will not be compliant or sufficient.

Please advise.–Mark

Sorry to hear that Mark. There are many reasons those numbers can be wrong (they could be sent to us incorrectly, manual inputs could be overriding the intended behavior, or a bug could be afoot!) You’ll need to reach out through our support channel for us to be able to dive into that.

We’re limited in what we can do over these forums as we don’t have access to your account here, nor can we share private information in public.

It’s not clear how to get to support on your website, please provide link or email to get me there. At the current time, there are no manual inputs so we can rule that out. Taxbit is transferring all transactions properly, so thats why I am coming to cointracker for answers and to help them fix the product. The additional features of cointracker are more advantageous than Taxbit on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, the numbers on the tax return have to be 100% correct.

The link to our contact page is in all of the replies I’ve sent. :slight_smile:

Are they not working?

Correct, no link, is it and Icon and if so, what does it say?–Mark

If it is the dive in here button, what category do I need to choose? Thank you Thomas for your assistance!–Mark