Which Plan Should I Get?

I am looking for clarity deciding which plan to sign up for.

I have 2 wallets and 6 exchanges to link,

What I mostly want is to see total P/L by accounts and to see profitability Per crypto. What we own it for and what the P/L is for each crypto.

Should I choose Enthusiast because it says Performance by Crypto incuded?

I have had issues with other sites thats why I am trying to confirm. I want to manage each investment and know my profitability for each.


First thing I would do is go on with the free account and make sure you can get everything in successfully to your satisfaction, your exchanges and wallets. You can use API and wallet addresses and stuff to add things.

Then when you are happy with your scenario after it is all in… When you go to look at your port performance it’ll give kinda a shaded preview and you can see if it is what you are looking for. It does look like a per coin profit/loss thing… (I have not bought one of those plans yet just the tax ones). If you like it you can upgrade from there.

Yep, what Phases78 said. I’ve tried out 3 different tax programs. So fare this one works well but I’m testing out Koinly at this time as well. I can respect the challenge these programmers face, crypto is always changing, especially with DeFi and new coins every day. However, if you are paying money for a product you want it to work for you, vs you working for the product.

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Thanks for your reply. How is Koinly working out for you? Coinstats I also had this isuue.

Its about the same as CoinTracker. It can sync with my ALGO and Theta witch is nice, but Koinly supports basically the same exchange syncing. At this point its not worth my effort to switch to a new program unless the new one does absolutely everything CoinTracker is missing.