Why is Cointracker support so shit?

It’s been almost a week since I sent the support team an urgent email about a serious bug that makes crypto coins that I didn’t purchase show up in my account to no avail. I’ve had to send them 3-4 emails within the last week telling them about this and how much it has negatively impacted my experience on their website, of which I’m paying $99.99 per month (with priority support), and I still have yet to get a response. It’s pretty infuriating, and I’ve decided that I’m going to call my bank, file a charge back, and move onto another crypto tracking website with a support team who actually gives a damn.

-best, AB


I hear you man.

Signed up for trial, loving the mobile app, but the graph on my dashboard isn’t working.

Emailed support multiple times. Posted here in the forum. No replies. :frowning:

My trial ends in 5 days. If no joy, won’t be signing up.

Come on Team.


Wish I had not already paid and manually added so many transactions. Too much work to throw away for 2021, but a new tax year and probably a new tax software are coming soon.


@Matt34 @cointrackersucks Unfortunately, this appears to be the new business culture. Create a software were you don’t have to interact with any of your customers. Just sit back and let the “money roll in.” Out source Americans with people who can barely read a kiosk, and allow bugs to continue for years, because customer service doesn’t have a freakin’ clue!!! Technology is supposed to be better, not worse!!!


Yeah no replies to 2 emails over last month about issues. Reading this forum doesn’t seem like they give a shit. I’m canceling subscription after this year to move on to another platform.

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Hey folks,

Erin from the CoinTracker support team.

Apologies for the delays getting back to everyone, as you can see across our sites and socials, we’re experiencing unprecedented support volume. I’ll be reaching out to each of you to get your email addresses in private so I can hunt down your support case and take a look. Please don’t share your private information on a public thread.