Wildly innacurate cost basis profit/loss on several coins

there are so many inaccuracies, including cash invested… and cost basis, I dont know where to begin to explain… amount invested, BTC, solana, cardano, atom, more…

if I were to make a guess, it is the binance.us feed,… the others seem more plausable. but then 90% of my activity is on Binance.us


I’m having the same issue but mine seems to be an issue with my Coinbase integration. It’s starting to seem this is more the entire platform and not just related to one integration.

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I have seen a lot of people mentioning issues with balances on several coins and across various platforms (binance, coinbase)seeing this more in the chat also. Appears to not be an isolated issue. Hopefully, it is fixed soon.

So you think this is a problem with the exchanges and not cointracker?

Same here; started on December 6 afternoon - cost bases went crazy. I do use Coinbase but not Binance. Must be fixed before tax season - otherwise, what am I paying for?

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