Wonderland (TIME) price detail screen shows info for wrong coin

The Wonderland project’s TIME token displays properly on the dashboard, but when I click on it to display price detail, expecting Wonderland Price - TIME Price | CoinTracker - instead it shows the detail for Chrono.tech Price - TIME Price | CoinTracker which is a different coin that has the same symbol.

The above-mentioned Wonderland price detail page also seems to be missing the price chart.



Had the same issue, but I manually switched the token to the correct TIME token by editing the transaction.

On this note, is it possible to add the MEMO token from Wonderland?


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Same here, we need MEMO to be supported.

Memo isn’t even supported on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko so there isn’t anyway to bring it in would be my guess. My TIME is also wrong. Maybe a way to select the correct token if there is more than one with the same name in the database? Might be an easy way to fix this issue!