Wrong capital gains. Lacking DeFi support?


I have a (very) high amount of capital gains that I didn’t achieve (hope I did :slight_smile:).

I noticed this discrepancy today after syncing all my wallets. Im using the following DeFi services: Compound, Curve.fi, Aave, and Balancer.

Last action I did today was removing funds from Curve. Hence it may be related to that. From what it seems there are transfers (from Curve into my ETH wallet) that show up as a trade in Cointracker instead of a transfer. Happy to share more details via email.

I havent checked (yet) if there are further discrepancies with Curve or other DeFi services. Are there known limitations when it comes to DeFi and Cointracker support ?

@Chandan for context


btw: Im also using 1inch.exchange and Uniswap (in case that matters)

Hi @coinbear,

We don’t yet officially support Curve, Aave, Balancer, 1inch, Uniswap (we do support Compound). We’ll work on adding all of these and let you know as they become available.

In the interim, you may have to do some manual editing / CSV uploading to get the transactions from other DeFi platforms into CoinTracker accurately in the interim.

Ok. In that case Im going to wait for the support.

What is the ETA for supporting those ?

In my case this would be needed for the 2020 taxes, so that there is some time :slight_smile: Although it would be helpful if support arrives rather earlier than later in order to track the current state of tax things efficiently.

Makes sense. We don’t have an exact ETA but some of these (e.g. Uniswap, Aave) are decently popular requests so I estimate those will be live sooner and some of the others that are less popular will take a little while longer. We’ll let you know as soon as they are ready

Hi @coinbear,

We just added automatic trade matching for Uniswap transactions — please let us know if you are still seeing issues there (note: multi-token transactions are not yet supported). We will continue to work on adding support for more DeFi platforms, but value your feedback as we make incremental progress.

Hi @coinbear

Curve pools are now live in the DeFi Center (tax support coming soon).

Balancer pools are now live in the DeFi Center (tax support coming soon).

Hi Chandan,

My curve pools are all listed as having zero balance. In fact one is missing completely. I have a theory that it’s because I also use Compound with this address and the system can’t cope with two DeFis at once. Total conjecture, obviously. But very reluctant to move my stash to another address :slight_smile:

You’ve got permission to look at my account if needed. It’s the address ending “Eth 1”. I’m staking y, sUSD and USDn - the last one doesn’t appear at all, the first two are showing as zero.

I use a “Transfer to Other Transactions” bodge to represent staking into the gauge on Curve. Only the y stake shows in the transactions list. It’s represented with the catchily-titled “YDAI+YUSDC+YUSDT+YTUSD” token. The sUSD and USDn stakes are not shown. They’re represented by the unknown tokens “crvPlain3andSUSD” and “usdn3CRV” tokens respectively. The transactions do appear in the downloaded CSV, with “Manual Transaction” in the Receiving Wallet