Wrong coins showing: LIT, PNT

Hi everyone and CT Support

My dashboard is showing the wrong coins: LIT should be Litentry (not Lition), and PNT should be PNetwork (not Penta). Very frustrating.

Anyone else had this problem or know of a fix? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

This seems to be a common issue with a lot of assets.

You’ll need to manually edit each transaction for the asset that is displaying incorrectly.

While editing the transaction just click into the box with the name of the asset and possible options will be listed. Select the correct option and save.

You’ll see that the original transition is now crossed out and your “manual transition” replaces it.

You balances will be recalculated.

From here you’ll have to check the Dashboard and Performance sections to see if things appear to be accurate.

This has worked for me with some assets, but not all.

Currently I have a situation where even after updating the transactions the Performance screen is still showing the original incorrect asset and actually broke the Unrealized performance view.

I have opened a support case.