Wrong Token Value


My dashboard is displaying an incorrect value for “Somnium Space CUBEs” (CUBE). Cointracker is listing the price at $0.01, however, it’s current price per unit is around $9.50.

I’ve manually corrected the transaction, however, my dashboard continues to display the incorrect information and of course my portfolio figures are skewed as a result. When I click to view my assets within my Gemini Wallet on Cointracker it also displays the incorrect price.

When I click on the “crypto prices” tab and search for the token it also shows the incorrect price, however, when you click the token to view more detailed information the price is actually correct.

Something is getting lost in translation along the way. Please correct this. Thank you.

Never mind. I’ve noticed that there are many similar postings that have not received response. In lieu of sitting in limbo with tax season right around the corner I’ve elected to trade this asset (CUBE) in my portfolio for one that CoinTracker is actually able to track.

This is so annoying, bought some Somnium Space CUBE and Cointracker is unable to track it. for an premium subscription service, they should be able to fix this issues.