Www.pionex.com csv file


I kind of hoped making changes to CSV files is about changing commas to tabs or something similar but I was wrong (and it makes sense that there’s 1 certain format for cointracker and everything else has to adjust.

But there are 1932 lines (because it’s bot buying and selling). I think I need to generate some script for this if somebody doesn’t know some smart alternative?

I’m still wondering if there’s some simple solution. The CSV doesn’t seem to have deposits (only 3 of them) that I did to Pionex. That’s important, right? Or is that ok that suddenly bot exchanged some LTC to USDT and started it’s trading?

So I’m pondering - what if I just manually add those 3 deposits and one day convert back to LTC and send the coins back? Or does it raise questions if the amount of LTC isn’t exactly the same?

I’ll add the full csv here https://www.upload.ee/download/13909888/20af12286d331a9b9e1e/2022_02_17hannes.kirsman_eesti.ee__3_.csv

Could somebody help to decipher this. Probably it’s just few rules to follow. If SELL, do this, if BUY do that.

I am having the same issue.

I’ve created another Pionex account where I’ve done limited amount of transactions and sent out the money again. I hope that this way I have enough of minimal data to start working on a script.

PS. One thing that I missed with the initial CSV I got is that they actually asked for what data I needed - transaction history, deposit/withdrawal history, or both. So I’ll need to contact them again and make sure I ask for all of the data.

Hard to understand those CSV files…

Here’s possibility to upvote pionex support. Let’s use this!
Pionex | Integrations | CoinTracker

Managed to import but there’s very small fluctuation between what I see in Cointracker and in Pionex balance:
USDT is ok - on both balance they are 0.00007816
LTC is 0 on Pionex but on Cointracker it’s 0.0000000009 LTC (might be just how Pionex shows it?)
BTC on Cointracker is 0.00005526 BTC, on Pionex it’s 0.00005426. So somewhere I’ve missed 0.000001 of BTC

They didn’t include deposits and with withdrawals again so I had to add them manually. I’m now waiting for them to send new CSV. Maybe they have some minor difference there.

Now I got the BTC balance to 0.00005446 in Cointracker by adding more float precision so the error is 0.0000002. But Cointracker is accepting only 8 float digits. That must be the reason.

I wonder if I should gather all those mBTC together as one transaction?

Or maybe add “dummy” transaction to even out the end balance?