XNO formerly NANO Cost/Value Wrong (7 months now)

7 months later. 3 seperate posts. Not response or solution.

When Nano changed its ticker to XNO is binance it changed all costs and performance. If I click on the XNO in performance it takes me to Nano proper numbers but still does not calculate properly or even show any of my transactions. The same things was going on for RNDR and VTHO for a while but this never got fixed.

Cointracker for the love of god please respond or fix this issue. It’s been know to the team for over 6 months now.

Hi there,

Please accept my apologies for the recent delayed responses on the forum. If you have questions regarding our product/your account, I would advise submitting a support ticket, in the first instance, if the answer is not available on our support center.

In regards to your issue with XNO, our engineering team is aware of the problem and they are working to provide a fix. Sometimes this can take longer than we would like, but we really do appreciate your patience. Please feel free to submit a ticket if you would like us to take a deeper look into your specific situation, and look for a potential workaround in the meantime.

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Kind regards,

Still no fix for XNO (NANO)? Engineering team has know for a long time now.