You (CT), have the wrong SGB token set from recent airdrop

Can you double check that SGB (Songbird) is set as correct airdrop token from BTCMarkets recently. My portfolio is several thousand $ above what it should be as it is showing SGB Subgame.

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Come on CT team. Withdrawals are now activated on BTC Markets end and wallet/port/dashboard still showing SGB(subgame not Songbird). SO now I’ve made several thousand $ gains from a token I don’t have. I can’t even edit or delete the Subgame entry as it shows at zero transactions for the Subgame yet it shows in wallet and etc. I’ve tried manually adding a Subgame tx to blackhole as lost but then it says no bloody entry for receiving the Subgame token. it won’t even recognize a manual tx input for the airdropped SGB Songbird token.

Have you all (CT team) abandoned your own project and sipping Pina’ coladas on a beach somewhere?

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have moved SGB songbird from BTC markets to bitrue and was able to add manual tx’s and edit and etc but now it still shows Subgame

yet when I edit that tx correct SGB token is showing

manual tx for the correct SGB songbird is kosher my end

So CT team please check your internal token links as subgame SGB is where Songbird SGB should be

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