Your Binance account failed to import

Hello. I followed all the steps regarding importing a Binance account (generated the API on Binance, input the API key and secret key on Cointracker and so on). After three hours where my Cointracker Dashboard said “Data Import in Progress”, I got an email from Cointracker saying “Yout Binance account failed to import.”. In this email, it says Check your wallet to see what’s wrong. I clicked the button, it took me to the Wallet section of my Cointracker account, but I have no idea what’s wrong and why it failed to import my Binance account… Can someone help please?

I also opened a support ticket on Cointracker, but I didnt get any confirmation email about the support ticket I sent and I have no idea if you are going to reply since I didnt get any emails after submiting a ticket and there is no place on the website for me to check my tickets.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you are still running into problems here, could you please try these steps?