Zero transactions from Bitpanda USDC

Hi there,

I have my Bitpanda account connected to Cointracker and it’s syncing fine. However I notice that at times when I’ve sold USDC to fiat (e.g. EUR) on Bitpanda, in addition to showing a “Send” transaction which deducts the USDC sold, it shows a corresponding “Receive” transaction of 0 ETH (with the same timestamp), with a warning “This purchase has a quantity of 0”.

Transactions like these show up under the has:review search indicating that they need manual review.

This seems like a bug to me. Can anyone comment? Thanks!

Do you mind contacting us directly with this screenshot from the email you use on CoinTracker so that we can take a look at what is going on here?

I can no longer see these transactions. I think it was from adding my Bitpanda wallet’s Ethereum address rather than the API, from before the API was working. These days it works so I removed it.

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