Zilliqa : ZIL

Could you please add Zilliqa: ZIL to your services. It is listed on large exchanges such as Binance, Binance US, and Coinbase EU. They start a staking as of today 10/14 on wallets such as Moonlet. Thank you for your consideration and all the hard work to make our lives easier!

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Hi @larsthor34,

Thanks for the request. We automatically pick up ZIL transactions on exchanges and via manual entry or CSV upload. We’ll also work on adding ZIL blockchain support and let you know once that is available.

Thank you very much that would be great if our public ZIL address’ auto upload.

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Hi I can`t connect the Cointracker with my Zillica Moonlet wallet , it holds ZIL.
I have tried public address but not supported. I have also looked for CSV support on Moonlet wallet but its not offered. Please add ZIL to the public address list.